Frame Repairs (Inspection fee of $50 – put towards repair)

  • $200-$250 Mere Flesh Wound – partial tube patching for minor carbon frame damage
  • $250-$350  Healthy Carnage – Carbon wrap the entire tube for a more serious cracked carbon frame
  • $350+ Hella FUBARed – Missing chunks of carbon or partially flattened tubes

Paint, Finish and Detailing (NOTE: This pricing is for repairs only!)

  • $75 – Raw Dog – Clear coat only
  • $100+ – One-Eyed Willy – One paint color matched to frame
  • $250+ – Pimp my Repair (not entire frame) – Decal matching with up to 3 colors

Bike Service

  • $125 – The Johnny 5 – Disassemble/reassemble bike – required for completing carbon fiber bike frame repair (for local customers only, add $25 for frames with internal cable routing) Please note that this service is not available during times of high repair volume.

So if you’re ready to get your frame fixed, first download our repair form and fill it out (call if you have questions). If you are shipping your frame, please do two very important things:

  • STRIP THE FRAME COMPLETELY (including the fork!) – we are not responsible for any components still attached to the bike that may break or get lost in transit or repair.
  • CLEAN YOUR FRAME – We know you like to ride your bike hard and put it away dirty and wet, but please, do us a favor and clean all the mud, sweat, blood, tears, Gu residue and hunks of Clif Bar off your frame. Thanks!

Once those two crucial steps are complete, include a deposit check for $100 made out to Carbon Frame Repair, box it up and put it in the mail. We recommend Bike Flights for round trip shipping. They are a bike-specific shipping agent who uses FedEx, and offers discounted rates on shipping across the US and internationally. If you’re local in the San Diego area, call us to set up a time to stop by our shop.