Jamis SL Carbon Fiber Seat Stay Repair

Jamis SL Carbon Fiber Seat Stay Repair

Jamis SL seatstay repair.  When the chain gets shifted into the cassette, the derailleur has no where to go but up and around.  The result is usually an impact with the seat stay.  This I repaired then put one more layer of carbon fiber 3K plain weave around using the vacuum for cosmetic purposes.  Then Made a stencil of the SL, hand masked the lines and airbrushed away.  Looks good as new!

Jamis SL After

Colnago EPS Frame Carbon Fiber Repair Top Tube

Colnago EPS Before

The most common repair in the shop is top tube damage due to a handlebar strike when crashing.  The detail work on this repair was quite challenging.  All pin lines, gold fades, and flags (both sides) were hand masked and airbrushed.  With all the detail work on this top tube, you can see why the customer was heart broken when he saw what had happened to his expensive carbon fiber top tube.

Colnago EPS

Top view.  Enlarge image to see 3k twill pattern matched.


Cannondale Slice

Cannondale Slice

Before and after- Cannondale Slice

Cannondale Slice

Blue Norcross EX

Happy 2013! It’s been a few months since our last post, but rest assured we’ve been very busy repairing customer frames. We’re back on track to continually update the site with new repairs. After a crazy season of cyclocross, including attending the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville, KY, we’ve gotten a few cyclocross frames in the shop to repair. This Blue Norcross EX frame suffered a blow to the top tube. Read on…

Ibis Hakkalugi

Ibis Hakkalugi

Ibis bikes are near and dear to our heart. We have a small fleet of them here at CFR, from a couple new carbon Tranny hardtail MTBs to the old school steel MORON tubed Hakkalugi with the iconic ‘hand job’ cable stop. So we were really happy to get this carbon Hakka cyclocross frame fixed and back out in the dirt!

Ibis Hakkalugi

Specialized Venge

Specialized Venge Frame Damage

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a photo of this S-works Venge frame before we laid down the repair, but as you can see from the repair area, this frame was hella FUBARed. The crack ran the entire circumference of the top tube, requiring us to conduct several vacuum bagging sessions until it was adequate built back up.

Specialized Venge Frame Repair

After several hours of repair work and several more hours of painstaking finish work, the end result is absolutely undetectable. The frame was shipped back to Israel where the owner is probably out riding it as we speak!

S-Works Stumpjumper

S-works Stumpjumper Carbon Damage

Our good buddy Dee Folse of Team Shoebacca was in the midst of the Racers and Chasers Freedom 50 mile race last weekend here in North County San Diego when some bonehead cut in on a paceline without looking and took down Dee and his S-Works Stumpjumper. As a result, the aforementioned bonehead ended up doing a rendition of Riverdance all over his top tube, resulting in multiple fractures. Read on…

In the Pro Peloton

Colnago M10

Photo Copyright James Huang

We just got an email from our friends at Colnago USA that said a handful of Team Type 1 Colnago M10 frames we recently repaired were being raced in last week’s USA Pro Cycling Challenge. It’s really terrific to see brands like Colnago embracing the repairability of carbon fiber, and having enough confidence in our work to put these perfectly good frames back in the pro peloton. Thank you Colnago USA!

Colnago CX1

From FUBAR to Fabulous…

Colnago CX1 Frame Damage

Colnago CX1 Frame Repair

Raleigh Competition

Raleigh Competition Frame Damage

This Raleigh Competition came to us with a severe crack in the downtube that started at the bottle cage mount and wrapped underneath the downtube.  Read on…