How We Do It

Our carbon fiber bike frame repair process follows professional procedures learned through repairing aircraft in the US Air Force.

Visual Inspection

We inspect the cracked carbon frame thoroughly not only where the damage is, but also extending away from the damaged areas. Sometimes a carbon tube can appear sound on the outside, but an impact with a blunt face can sever the fibers inside the tube.

We do not use ultrasonic void detection machines because quite simply, for carbon fiber bicycle repair applications, they’re overkill. Besides, unless one knows exactly how the frame was designed and built, what may appear as a void might actually be differing plies of carbon fiber in a butted tube.

Quality Carbon Fiber and Resin Systems

We use only the highest quality carbon fiber materials and resin systems specially designed for carbon fiber. We also match as closely as possible the weave and modulus of carbon fiber originally used in your frame.

Vacuum Bagging

We vacuum bag most repairs to ensure all excess resin is extracted from the carbon fiber to minimize weight and maximize repair strength.

Professional Refinishing

One of our strengths is in finishing work. From bike frames to surfboards, we have over 20 years experience in paint, finishing and detail work. Only you will know your frame was repaired.

See the repair gallery for examples of our work and contact us for more information.