How much does a repair cost?

For details see our pricing page, but in general, fixing a carbon fiber bike frame ranges between $250-$400, with paint and detailing starting at $75. These prices do not include the cost of return shipping ($40-$80+). There is a $50 inspection fee which can be put towards frame repair.

Do you offer a warranty?

CarbonFrameRepair.com offers the owner listed on the original repair form a warranty of 5 years from the date of service completed. This warranty is non-transferrable to another owner. Should a repair fail, and we determine it was due to inadequate repair, we will fix the carbon frame damage free of charge. However, if we find the frame has an inherent design flaw that led to the failure of the repair, we cannot honor the 5 year warranty.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, defects or failures from abuse, neglect, being an unmitigated hamfist, tightening carbon components with a 3 foot long breaker bar or doing some crazy ass MacGyver modification to your bike.

We offer a 1 year warranty on all paint and detail work. This warranty does not cover all of the colorful human behaviors highlighted in the previous paragraph.

How long will it take?

We make it a priority to have all work completed as quickly as possible without compromising quality in any way. Depending on the volume of carbon fibre bicycle frame repair work we have at any particular point, including total shipping time, expect to be without your frame for as long as a month. We ride our bikes every day (okay, okay, almost every day), so we know how hard it is to be without your trusty steed. We want everyone back on their bikes as soon as possible, so trust us when we say we will get the job done as quickly as we can without compromising quality.

Will my bike ride differently?

Absolutely not. If we feel the repair will alter the inherent characteristics of the frame in any way, we will not repair it. Generally, the bike will be no different than the day you bought it off the showroom floor. Some repairs will require additional plies for reinforcement, which will add some weight to the bike. But before you weight weenies break out in a cold sweat, rest assured, we’re talking only a few ounces maximum.

How should I ship my frame?

Strip the frame completely and box it up. And PLEASE, PLEASE, clean your frame off before shipping! The last thing we want to do is clean a bunch of snot, mud or citrus flavored Heed off your grotesque frame, okay? Next thing to do is download our repair form (link found in the text on the pricing page) and fill it out (call if you have questions). We recommend using Bike Flights to round trip ship your frame. They are a bike-specific shipping agent who uses FedEx to ship bikes worldwide. They offer discounted rates and quick, convenient service. Give them a try!

Do you require a deposit?

Yes. Any frame shipped to us requires a $100 deposit check made out to Carbon Frame Repair. This deposit is used to help cover the cost of return shipping. Any unused portion is applied to the cost of the repair.

What if I’m local in the San Diego area?

Strip the frame completely, clean all the snot, mud, citrus flavored Heed, etc. etc. off your frame, download our repair form (link found in the text of the pricing page) and fill it out (call if you have questions). Then give us a call to schedule a time to stop by. But please, call us first.