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Carbon Fiber Bike Frame Repair is for Real

Contrary to what many bike industry pundits say, in many cases, a broken carbon frame is 100 percent repairable. They don’t throw away carbon composite airplane wings when they are damaged, so why would you throw away a cracked carbon frame?

Carbon Frame Repair has 20 years of composites fabrication and repair experience ranging from the U.S. Air Force to sporting goods. Unlike other repair facilities that are custom framebuilders with a frame repair business on the side, CFR has only one focus – repairing and refinishing carbon frames. It enables us to deliver our customers an unparalleled level of quality, attention to detail, quick turnaround time and outstanding value.

It’s why manufacturers like Colnago, Felt, Masi, Ellsworth and the America’s #1 Trek dealer, the Trek Bicycle Superstore, use CFR as their repair facility of choice. But talk is cheap, so view our repair gallery and what’s new to see regularly updated examples of our work.

Whether it’s a road, mountain, cyclocross, track or any other frame made of carbon fiber, we can fix it and get you back where you belong – in the saddle.